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Thursday, June 9, 2011

Over the River and Through the Woods

     I love to take long walks on country roads.  It's a time to think, plan, pray, compose songs, and gather inspiring story ideas.
     "Creation sings a wonderful song, faithful to rejoice..." are words from a song I once wrote about thanking God for His awesome works in nature.

     Often - especially in spring - one or more of my children come with me. Then it's time for chatting, looking for wildlife (I always pack a camera in my jacket pocket now, ever since Matt spied a large woodpecker and I was sadly without it), and sometimes picking up a bit of trash. Funny how it appears when the snow melts!
     Recently, Nora and I hiked a ways down a windy foothill road. Literally, over the river and through the woods. A good morning...

     It was one of those few warm days so far this spring. (We're not really lovers of the heat, though. An aspect of heaven? No scorching heat! Amen, to that.)
     "Make the most of the abundance of exquisite flowers in delicate shades and shapes that appear this month on a variety of shrubs and trees by gathering bud-laden branches to fill your home with the joys of spring."  -Country Living magazine (British Edition)

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