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Wednesday, September 14, 2011

An Underhill Update

     It's mid-September already! I love Autumn and the start of school...the schedules and the books. We began our homeschool year last week. (I've been schooling my kids for 16 years now!)

     Beginning with the youngest Underhill...

     Matthew began 8th grade this year. He plays mid-fielder/defense on the city-league junior high soccer team and will participate again in 4-H shooting sports (archery and pistol). Last month, he entered a tool box in the fair and won first place. What a great smile!

     Nora also entered items in the fair. She won Best Article for her hand-sewn table doily and first place for a unicorn drawing. This fall she'll be taking art lessons from Tara (a great, award-winning artist) and participating in shooting sports - archery is her specialty. Such a sweet girl!

     Mitchell keeps extremely busy with landscape and handyman work. At the end of this month he'll be travelling to Burbank, CA to continue his sword-fighting training and attend a Cold Steel (knives, swords, etc.) Exhibition. He also spends a lot of time writing short screen plays - hoping to film some this fall/winter. An awesome young man!

     Eric - a happily married newly wed - works at a horse ranch by day...and rides bulls at local rodeos by night (every once in a while). A similar picture was also featured in the Summer 2011 edition of  Escape magazine. He and Tara live nearby and are enjoying their new home and life. I'm proud of them both!

     In addition to schooling Nora and Matt (which I love), I enjoy reading, writing, and sewing when I can. I have several quilting projects lined up to finish by Christmas - including two for my "sisters" in Japan.

     Greg will begin a new job soon and is truly looking forward to it. God bless him on his 51st birthday!
(Picture taken in August, 2011)

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